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Aviya Mattress Review

Brand Snapshot
Aviya is your solution for a better night's sleep. Their mattresses are catered for those craving for a comfortable touch that’s durable and made by and with eco-friendly means. It consists of a sophisticated combination of foam layers along with their unique springs that create a comfortable and affordable bed.


  • Great value for the money
  • High quality coil system
  • High density, high grade and highly expensive foams
  • 100 Night risk-free sleep trial
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Certi-PUR Certified


  • Can only be purchased through


  • Support 8.5
  • Edge Support 9.0
  • Cooling 9.0
  • Motion Transfer 8.0
  • Durability 8.0
  • Warranty 9.0
  • Trial Period 9.0

The Aviya is a new mattress on the market and already getting a lot of buzz for its current products:

  1.  An innerspring mattress
  2.  A mattress foundation

The mattress is made with a focus on pressure relief and comfort while maintaining a reasonably low price point.

The mattress is available direct from the manufacturer and can be customized to fit your needs and your budget. The Aviya is a great choice for all sleepers and especially those looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress at a great price.

Your mattress is the foundation for how you sleep and should be a key life investment–especially considering you spend about a third of your day on it. After all, how well can you sleep if you spend the night tossing and turning?

In this review, we will examine the high-density foam construction and supportive innersprings, as well as the cover material, of the Aviya mattress. We will also examine how the mattress compares to others in its class, helping you determine if this is the right mattress for you and, ultimately, provide more confidence in your buying decision.

Table of Contents

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Who Might Like the Aviya Mattress?

Aviya Mattress Bedroom

Although it is not quite as luxurious as some of the high-end options, the Aviya Mattresses is still the most comfortable option for anyone looking for a quality product on a budget. The Aviya is ideal for those who are looking for a mattress that is customizable as they are designed to suit the needs of a variety of different sleepers. This customization includes accommodating those who prefer a softer feel, those who like a firm bed, and those who like a medium feel.

Combo sleepers who use the full surface of the mattress as well as couples will appreciate the reinforced edge support of the Aviya mattresses. This allows sleepers to take advantage of the full bed width and sleep or sit along the perimeter of the bed.

If you tend to sleep hot like me, you will appreciate the extra airflow through the coil support system. This helps prevent body heat from being trapped in the mattress and allows hot air to naturally breath through the center aiding in a cooler sleep.

Unlike an all-foam bed or all-latex mattress, the supportive innersprings provide more bounce and a springier feel. Combined with the supportive edges, the Aviya scores well in the sex category.

Who Might Not Like the Aviya Mattresses?

The Aviya may not be the best mattress for couples who are easily disturbed by their partner’s movements. The coil layer can result in some motion transfer when their partner moves throughout the night.

Also due to Aviya’s coil layer, and an issue for many innerspring mattresses, the mattress may produce some sound. If you’re a light sleeper and easily disturbed by noise, this may not be the perfect mattress for you.

Heavier stomach sleepers may also find this mattress less comfortable. Due to sagging around the midsection, our tests resulted in higher strain in the spine.

Aviya Mattress Logo

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Shop the Aviya Mattress President’s Day sale and get $200 off with code PRESIDENT200. Learn more!

How Firm Are The Aviya Mattresses?

The Aviya mattress is best for anyone who wants a balance between a firm support and a soft surface. It is a mattress that sinks in just enough to be comfortable but still firm enough to provide support. If you’re looking for a mattress that you don’t sink too far into, then this is the right mattress for you.

The Aviya 12-inch mattress strikes a balance between durability, support, and comfort, even for heavier sleepers. It features a three-layer construction, with the top layer focused on allowing airflow through the center. The result? A great option for most sleepers.
Furthermore Aviya provides you with 3 comfort options and a variety of sizes to match your preferences:

  1. Firm
  2. Luxury Firm
  3. Plush/Soft


The firm option will provide minimal surface give for those looking for a firm but not hard as a rock feel. You’ll definitely feel more “on” the bed than “in” it”.
Heavier sleepers will likely find the needed support from the Aviya Firm option.

Luxury Firm:

The next option is the luxury firm choice that is the most popular of the Aviya lineup because it’s the middle between a bed that’s too hard or too soft. It’s slightly firm with a soft plush layer.
Stomach sleepers will likely find the Luxury Firm mattress the best fit keeping your spine in line and minimizing any excessive curing in the lower back.


The plush or soft option is designed for those who enjoy a softer feel. It includes layers of plush foam, so you’ll definitely feel “in” the bed.
Typically, the best option for side sleepers, the Plush model will provide a surface with more ‘give’ and provide the needed pressure relief by contouring to the curves of your body.

Mattress Firmness Scale
Firm 2 to 3
Luxury Firm 4 to 7
Plush 8 to 9
Aviya Mattress Logo

Aviya President's Day Sale

Shop the Aviya Mattress President’s Day sale and get $200 off with code PRESIDENT200. Learn more!

Aviya Mattress Diagram

Aviya Mattress Construction and Specs

The Aviya starts with a solid foundation of soy-based memory foam, but then adds just a touch of polyfoam to give it great support. The result is a responsive mattress that is still soft enough to give you the comfort and support you need.

The Aviya mattress is made up of three layers of foam that you can adjust to your comfort and support levels.

Made in the USA and eco-friendly: The Aviya mattress truly captures what one of the best beds should be composed of. It’s handcrafted in the United States without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins, same with their flame retardant materials and the barrier is made of natural fibers such as flax, cotton, and others combined together with sea salt.

CertiPUR-US certified foams: It’s also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that the production of this mattress is made with low indoor emission procedures and without any ozone depleters, mercury, lead, and other metals, formaldehyde, dangerous flame retardants, and phthalates that were all regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Foam comfort layer: Their mattress has 3 layers of foam that creates a great formula for comfort.

  • The first layer is made of premium cotton quilting and 2 inch layers of high density breathable comfort foam, so it keeps the temperature controlled and you’ll be cool without having to worry about overheating or having night sweats.
  • The second layer is a 1 ½” of memory foam. This layer is also quite firm, which allows for great pressure relief. This layer will conform to your body and provide comfort that’s resistant to sags so there won’t be an indentation of your body in the bed for better stability and comfort.
  • The third and last layer is a 2 ½” layer of polyurethane foam which helps with lumbar support and body support for all your pressure points

Coils: The Aviya mattress innerspring core 15 gauge steel coils that are all individually wrapped. The center of the bed has even stronger springs to prevent sagging where it is needed most.

Mattress Innerspring

Stability layer: Lastly, they have a 1 inch thick stability layer at the bottom that helps transfer weight and energy evenly throughout the entire mattress for that balanced comfort and durability

Aviya Mattresses Size Options and Price

Whether you’re snoozing on a queen-size bed or a twin, the Aviya mattress is a great option for getting a quality night’s sleep. The Aviya is a hybrid mattress that caters to all sleeping preferences, from side and back sleepers to those who like to get a bit more creative while in bed.

The Aviya delivers the support you need to stay comfortable and avoid the back and neck pain that can come from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Mattress Size Size Dimensions Price Sleep Reviews Discount
Twin 39″ x 74″ x 12" $799 Save $200
Twin XL 39″ x 80" x 12" $849 Save $200
Full 52″ x 74″ x 12″ $949 Save $200
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 12″ $1,099 Save $200
King 76″ x 80″ x 12″ $1,399 Save $200
California King 72″ x 84″ x 12″ $1,399 Save $200
Aviya Mattress Logo

Aviya Mattress

Shop the Aviya Mattress President’s Day sale and get $200 off with code PRESIDENT200. Learn more!

Aviya Mattress Performance

Sleeping Hot or Cold

It’s important for a mattress to provide enough cushioning to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but it’s also important that it doesn’t trap you in that cloud. That’s why the Aviya mattress is made with air coils that provide optimal balance between cushion and support, keeping just enough air flow to keep you cool on those warm summer nights and warm in the winter. But don’t worry, the mattress is still thick enough to provide full support.

Motion Transfer

As mentioned above, innersprings mattresses often have less isolation of movement. Aviya has taken steps to minimize this transfer with pocketed coils and a 1” support layer that helps transfer each movement’s energy more evenly. However, the Aviya does experience more motion transfer compared to the all-foam beds we have tested.

We know motion transfer isn’t a typical make or break factor when purchasing a mattress, however it is important to note for the couples and light sleepers out there.

Edge Support

Aviya also includes 3 inches of high density ILD (Impression Load Deflection) foam which surrounds the mattress edges. This ILD is a unit of measure for the amount of pressure in pounds that’s needed to indent foam to a depth of 4 inches by 25 percent.

This means that you won’t roll off the edges of the mattress due to it disfiguring from the pressure of your body and you can be comfortable anywhere on the mattress, including the ends!


Because the Aviya Mattress is newer to the market, long-term data on durability is limited. However, Aviya markets the same mattress to hotels as they do to consumers. Combine that with the use of higher-density foam compared to other models and a 10 year warranty and we would be shocked if the Aviya Mattress did not last at least as long as most innerspring mattresses.


Unlike all memory foam mattresses that emit a strong odor, a hybrid mattress isn’t often plagued by the strong off-gass associated with such models. This holds true for the Aviya as well.

While we noticed an initial odor from the foam layers after unboxing, the smell quickly dissipated over the next 24 hours and was not noticeable at all after the third day.


As coils age, there is a tendency to squeak and creek at a higher frequency. While this will certainly depend on use of the mattress, noise was noticeable when getting in and out of bed and occasionally when changing positions on the bed.

The sounds were muffled by the foam layers surrounding the coils, however, light sleepers may find these noises disruptive as they may become more noticeable over time.

Delivery, Warranty, and Returns

Aviya Mattress Logo

Aviya President's Day Sale

Shop the Aviya Mattress President’s Day sale and get $200 off with code PRESIDENT200. Learn more!

Commonly Asked Questions

The Aviya mattress can be placed on any surface whether that be a box spring or foundation. However, the weight must be evenly and properly supported to maintain the comfort of the mattress. With that in mind, if you have any of the following, you will note need a box spring or foundation for your mattress:

  • a platform bed
  • a bed frame with wood slats or built-in base
  • a sturdy foundation that will properly support the mattress
  • an adjustable bed frame
  • plan to place your mattress directly on the floor

The Aviya mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a testament to its quality and craftsmanship. However, this does not mean that it will last for ten years.

The length of time that you get out of your mattress depends on many factors. Your sleeping habits, the way you treat your mattress, and other factors can impact the length of time that it will last.

The Aviya mattress is designed to be a one-sided mattress and never needs to be flipped. However, while the Aviya mattress should never be flipped, according to Aviya, it is recommended to rotate the mattress periodically – every 2-3 months. This is even more important for couples and will promote a more even wearing of the mattress and ensure a long life for your mattress.

Aviya Company Information

Company History

The Aviya Mattress was started in 2014 to give customers a better night’s sleep without emptying their wallets. The Aviya Mattress is now the fastest growing online mattress retailer in the United States. It’s also the top rated online mattress retailer on the market, with a 4.8 star rating on over 1000 reviews.

The team at Aviya believes that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or luxury to get a mattress that’s affordable. In fact, the Aviya Mattress is the only online mattress that is 100% free from the harsh chemicals and toxins found in conventional mattress brands.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Aviya.

Physical Stores

Currently, Aviya is only available for purchase through its website and is not available at any retail locations.

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