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The Best Organic and Natural Mattresses

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Are you looking for the best organic mattress that meets your demands for comfort and affordability?

Or are you tired of your current mattress brand for failing to provide consistent quality sleep?

Following are the four best natural and organic mattresses that will ensure you get the best sleep:

The Best Organic Mattress Overall — Avocado Green Mattress

Natural Wood Bed Frame

Avocado Green Mattress is the best natural hybrid mattress in the US. It’s a supportive hybrid mattress manufactured with natural and organic mattress materials.

This mattress has a cover made from 100% Global Organic Latex Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. It’s non-removable, hand-tufted, and free from toxic chemicals — including glue and fire retardants. The cover comes in a cream color with green upholstered handles and piping.

Underneath the cover, you’ll find the comfort layers. Here, a 2-inch layer of GOTS certified organic wool keeps the top of the mattress cool and comfortable. This layer also acts as a natural fire barrier.

This organic mattress comes with a 2-inch Euro-style pillow-top for comfort cushioning. The pillow-top is made with Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified Dunlop latex. Latex works wonders to regulate your temperature all night long.

If you’re looking for a firmer-than-average mattress, this is your ideal option. It lands at 7/10 on the firmness scale and the support layer is a 1-inch layer of firm Dunlop latex. In other words, the bed is buoyant and light, while maximizing air-flow.

The mattress consists of a pocketed floating coil system separated into five zones.

The five-zoned coil system offers support for your hips, shoulders, and lower back — which helps to boost your spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers and people suffering from back pain will find this feature useful.

Regardless of your sleeping style, this bed provides excellent support — even without the pillow-top. Though lightweight sleepers will find it necessary to include the pillow-top for sufficient back support.

Highlighted Features

  • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic; made with organic materials
  • Comes with an additional 2-inch Euro-style pillow-top
  • The standard mattress is 11 inches thick (13 inches with the extra pillow-top)
  • Reinforced edges
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Ideal for adults (back, stomach, and side sleepers), growing children, and teens
  • One-year trial; 25-year warranty

Customer Review

“Just received our new king-size pillow-top avocado yesterday, and I slept better last night than I have in years. I didn’t realize how bad our old mattress was until we got this new mattress. If you’re hesitant about the cost of the Avocado mattresses, just know you’re investing in yourself with a high-quality product that you will not be disappointed in. Highly recommend to everyone” ~Chris I.

Pick #2 — Birch Natural Mattress

Birch Natural Mattress

Designed by Helix, the Birch model is an organic, eco-friendly hybrid mattress. It’s made of natural Talalay latex, wool (sourced from New Zealand), and innerspring coils. These materials work together to provide comfort, pressure relief, and temperature regulation.

This mattress is enclosed in a breathable, certified organic cotton cover for maximal comfort. The organic cotton cover features a wool lining and rayon fire-retardant layer — plus, it’s GOTS certified.

From the top to the bottom layer, Birch uses high-quality mattress materials. The top layer contains pocketed coil support with an extra layer of organic wool batting. The coils are zoned for thickness and sturdiness to prevent sinkage.

Underneath the batting wool layer, you’ll find the Talalay latex layer. This layer is well ventilated to ensure enough airflow near the top of the mattress.

The latex also has natural antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, keeping allergies and germs at bay.

Birch latex has earned a variety of certifications for environmentally concerned shoppers — from OEKO-TEX, Eco-Institut, and Rainforest Alliance. This means that the Birch mattress does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The natural Talalay latex responds to pressure regardless of your sleeping position. This feature makes the bed ideal for side sleepers and those suffering from back pain.

The pocketed coils add buoyancy support. Thus, couples will also love this mattress because its responsiveness allows partners to move across the mattress without sinking too deep.

The Birch latex mattress is suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers. People who prefer medium-firm beds will also find this mattress ideal. Unfortunately, this bed is unfit for sleepers looking for a cushioned memory foam texture.

Birch Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for stomach, side, and back sleepers
  • Good edge support
  • The mattress measures 11 inches thick
  • GOTS certified organic mattress
  • OEKO-TEX, Eco Institut, and Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Not suitable for those wanting a cushioned memory foam texture
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • 3-inch pillow-top (optional) ideal for side sleepers

Birch Customer Review

“Delivery and setup were painless. The bed is comfortable and seems like it was made from quality durable materials.” – Naomi L.

Pick #3 — Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Foam

The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress comprises pure latex memory foam, organic cotton, and wool. The material processing takes place at the factory’s company in Chicago.

The mattress is both OEKO-TEX and Eco Institut certified and engineered using the Dunlop process. It’s free from synthetic latex memory foam, polyfoam, and blended latex foam.

Its 1-inch breathable quilted cover layer contains organic wool from New Zealand. The wool keeps the mattress’s surface cool and comfortable while providing a natural fire barrier.

mattress construction

Underneath the cover is a soft 2-inch layer of 100% pure green natural latex foam on top of a 6-inch base of natural latex. The two layers of latex foam provide the mattress with strong support and comfort.

This organic mattress comes with a soft knit face cover made from organic cotton. The cover provides a smooth texture to the outside of the bed for extra comfort.

The mattress is a perfect choice for back and side sleepers. People who prefer sleeping on firm mattresses will also love this mattress. It supports healthy spine alignment, helping the body rest in the optimal position to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain.

This mattress is also an excellent option for couples who toss and turn. Its responsiveness is excellent, making it easy to move around with less pressure spread to the rest of the mattress.

Fact: While this feature allows the smooth foam to contour around the body, it also enables resistance-free movement.

People who are prone to getting hot while they sleep will also find this mattress an excellent choice. The pure latex foam, organic cotton, and wool materials are breathable. This helps to lessen heat retention and keep the sleeper cool throughout the night.

Although the mattress has its fair share of advantages, it’s not suitable for those after a particularly soft bed.

The bed is also heavy owing to the dense layers of latex, making it a challenge to move around during set up and moving.

Pure Green Natural Latex Highlighted Features

  • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic; made with 100% natural materials and organic cotton
  • Ideal for back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Perfect for heat-sensitive sleepers.
  • Less motion transfer
  • Edge-support; the perimeter of the mattress is supportive
  • Not suitable for those who want a soft mattress
  • Heavy: challenging to move around and set-up requires two people

Pure Green Natural Latex Customer Review

“The mattress is so soft, very plush, and my daughter loves it! Worth the price for sure, very big bed and will last the years.”- Catherine N.

Pick #4 — My Green Mattress Natural Escape Medium Firm Mattress

Green Mattress Natural

This Natural Escape mattress is a natural, organic mattress that’s worth your time and money.

It’s an eco-friendly mattress made with breathable GOLS certified Dunlop latex. It has 1074 pocketed innerspring coils for proper spinal alignment, lumbar support, and pressure relief.

This mattress is the perfect choice for couples and adults of varying sleeping positions and body types.

Its beige cover is made of organic wool and cotton, providing an extra layer of comfort. This layer also acts as a natural fire retardant.

The surface is button-tufted with Greenguard Gold certified materials to ensure lasting comfort.

Underneath the cover is the comfort layer. It’s a 3-inch layer of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex between 22 to 24 indentation load deflection (ILD).

Pro tip: ILD is the measure of hardness or softness of the memory foam. This range indicates that the Natural Escape organic mattress is in the medium-firmness level.

The Natural Escape support layer is 8 inches thick and contains a 3-zoned pocketed innerspring coil system. The coil gauges of the zoned support layer are different depending on the mattress’s location.

The perimeter of this organic mattress consists of 13.5-gauge coils. This thickness provides for firmer support around the bed’s edge, meaning extra edge support. This feature is ideal for people with mobility problems since they rely more heavily on edge support.

The third center part of the Natural Escape mattress consists of 14.5-gauge coils. Compared to the coils used around the edge, this gauge is thinner. This design offers excellent spinal alignment by providing more support to prevent deep sinkage.

The foot and head sections of this organic mattress comprise 15.5-gauge coils. This coil gauge is the thinnest used in this mattress.

The 14.5-gauge coils and 15.5-gauge coils provide extra support for pressure relief and less motion transfer. This feature is suitable for heavyweight side and back sleepers (more than 130 lbs). The zoned support layers will prevent their hips from sinking too deeply.

My Green Latex Highlighted Features

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly; the materials used to make this mattress are all-natural
  • 11-inch total thickness
  • Inbuilt lumbar support
  • Supportive edge
  • A perfect option for hot sleepers
  • Medium-firm bed suitable for side sleepers
  • Subtle smell during initial set-up which dissipates over time

My Green Latex Customer Review

“We just purchased our Natural Escape mattress. I will not buy a different mattress again. It was firm, supportive yet soft. It is the best mattress I have ever had. Thank you for making such a wonderful mattress!”- Melissa A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Organic Mattresses Better?

Organic mattresses are better than conventional mattresses in the following ways:

  • Less irritating smells: Unpleasant smells are commonplace in conventional mattresses, especially when new. This irritating smell comes from chemical compounds used to make the mattresses. Those sensitive to scents will appreciate the lack of odor inherent in an organic mattress.
  • Long-lasting: These mattresses are more durable than their conventionally-made counterparts. Materials used to make the beds are rich in organic compounds, allowing them to last longer.
  • Environmentally-friendly: The materials used to manufacture organic mattresses are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable. The beds are not exposed to harmful chemicals, hence they do not emit toxic substances to the environment.
  • Chemical-free: The materials used to protect organic mattresses against flame are free of chemicals.
  • Hypoallergenic: The materials used to manufacture organic mattresses are hypoallergenic. This feature makes these mattresses ideal for people with respiratory problems and allergies.

What Is the Healthiest Type of Mattress?

The healthiest type of mattress is one that offers comfort and support. The bed should:

  • Support the spine by maintaining its natural curve.
  • Meet the angle of the lower curve for back sleepers.
  • Minimize hip and shoulder pressure for side sleepers.

Are Organic Mattresses Made Without Ozone Depleters?

Organic mattresses are made with 100% natural materials, making them non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

Which Mattress Does Consumer Reports Recommend?

According to the Consumer Reports recommendation, the best mattress is certified by:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

CR also recommends that your mattress should have OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and GREENGUARD GOLD labels. These labels help lessen your exposure to potentially harmful chemical emissions.

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