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BedInABox Reviews

BedInABox offers a wide selection of basic and luxury memory foam mattresses with different sizes, prices, and firmness levels.

These durable mattresses in a box have excellent body conformity, pressure relief, and noise-absorbing features.


  • Free shipping in the US
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 20-year warranty
  • Excellent noise control


  • Some off-gassing
  • A break-in period of 60 days
  • Poor edge support


  • Durability 8.5
  • Motion Transfer 8.5
  • Noise Control 9.0
  • Edge 7.5
  • Edge Support 7.5
  • Cooling 8.0
  • Trial Period 9.0
  • Warranty 9.0

When BedInABox opened its doors in 2006, they had one goal — to make finding better sleep an easier, more affordable experience.

And so the founder and CEO, Bill Bradley, got down to work and made a machine that could compress and fit a mattress inside a box. The mattresses were then sold online and delivered free of charge to clients in the USA.

Customers loved the shopping experience, and other mattress brands quickly picked up on the technology.

Today, BedInABox has grown to offer a range of mattresses, toppers, foundations, and bedding.

What’s more, all BedInABox mattresses are manufactured in the USA — including the foam material which is CertiPUR-US certified.

This means you’re assured of high-quality, safe, and affordable mattresses.

Table of Contents

Who the BedInABox Is Best for

Whether you’re shopping in a mattress store or online, there are endless mattress choices available. However, we recommend that you consider your personal preferences and favorite sleeping style when choosing the best mattress

You’ll find the BedInABox mattress lines to be a good fit if:

  • You love a soft mattress that cradles and cushions you
  • You sleep with a restless partner and need a mattress that absorbs movement

You may not enjoy these mattresses if: 

  • You’re a heavy stomach sleeper — you’ll sink into the mattress and be in an uncomfortable position while sleeping.
  • You prefer a firmer mattress — all-foam mattresses are soft and give a feeling of sleeping “in” them.

With a wide range of models, various firmness levels, and sizes, you’re likely to find a perfect match from BedInABox. 

We’ve reviewed all of their models and we’ll show you why each one is or is not a good fit. 

BedInABox Lines

BedInABox offers 6 models of mattresses:

  •  Original
  •  Essential
  • Tranquillium
  •  Azul
  • Dual Hybrid
  •  Eco-Luxe

Apart from the Dual Hybrid (which has both foam and coils), all lines are foam models.

These mattresses in a box feature two unique foams:

  • CoolRest® gel infused cooling memory foam
  • SureAlign® high-density base foam for maximum support

Now, let’s dig into each mattress.


Original boxed mattress
Source: bedinabox | Original

Also known as the Pacbed Original, this 11” mattress is the flagship boxed mattress model. It’s made up of two layers of foam — a 3” thick gel-infused memory foam, and an 8” thick SureAlign support foam.

This boxed mattress has a medium-firm feel making it an ideal choice for most back, stomach, and combination sleepers.


Essential mattress in a box, mattress in a box
Source: bedinabox | Essential

This mattress lives up to its name: Essential. It gives you the most basic features of the BedInABox models without compromising on comfort and price.

Also known as Pacbed Lite, it’s the thinnest memory foam bed at only 9” thick. However, it still has the trademark 3” comfort layer found in the Original mattress.

The difference here is a support core of only 6”, giving it its low profile.

The mattress’s basic features also make it the most affordable line for the queen size.


Azul box mattress
Source: bedinabox | Azul™

The 11” thick Azul mattress has a soft knit cover, woven with UltraCool phase change materials. This means that when you’re hot, the cover absorbs heat from you, and when you’re cold, it releases heat back to you. Cool, right?

Unlike the previous models, Azul consists of three foam layers — a 3” comfort layer, a 2” transitional layer, and a 6” support layer.

All these make the Azul mattress have a softer feel than both the Original and Essential.

The Azul mattress is ideal for a hot sleeper, a side sleeper, and those who prefer a medium-soft memory foam mattress.


Tranquillium boxed mattress
Source: bedinabox | Tranquillium®

The 12” thick Tranquilium mattress combines three layers of memory foam and a soft cover to give you a plush, yet firm and supportive, feel when you lie on it.

It also has a soft breathable cover made from Tencel fabric, sourced from wood. This absorbs moisture and resists dust and allergens.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, are prone to allergies, or are a hot sleeper, the Tranquillium mattress will work for you.

Dual Hybrid

Dual Hybrid box mattress
Source: bedinabox | Dual Hybrid™

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that will give you excellent support and comfort, consider the Dual Hybrid.

The 13” thick Dual Hybrid mattress consists of three memory foam layers, two coil layers, and a smooth cooling knit cover.

In fact, BedInABox claims that the mattress has the highest industry coil count, assuring you get maximum support.


Eco-Lux boxed mattress
Source: bedinabox | Eco-Lux™

The Eco-Lux is one of the most popular eco-friendly mattresses today.

Apart from being CertiPUR-US, It boasts of two more certifications that prove its quality and eco-friendliness:

  • USDA BioPreferred Certified — Verified to be made of 34% renewable, environmental-friendly materials.
  • OEKE-TEK Certified — Mattress materials contain no harmful substances.

This 11” mattress comprises two layers made using a unique renewable memory foam called BioLux, and a 100% organic cotton cover.

The soft cotton cover is breathable and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for hot and allergy-prone sleepers.

If you’re an environmental-conscious sleeper, Eco-Lux shares your green goals. BedInABox even plants a tree for every Eco-Lux mattress bought through a partnership with One Tree Planted.

BedInABox Firmness

Mattress firmness refers to how firm or soft your mattress is.

Here’s our comprehensive breakdown on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being extra soft and 10 being very firm.

Mattress Firmness
Original Medium 5–6
Essential Medium Firm 5.5–6.5
Azul Medium Soft 4.5–5.5
Tranquilium Firm 7–8
Dual Hybrid Medium Firm 6–7
Eco-Lux Medium Firm 6–7

What BedInABox Feels Like


The Original mattress has a soft polyester knit cover that gives the bed a smooth surface.

The comfort layer conforms to your body and relieves pressure, while the support layer ensures you don’t sink into the mattress too deep.

You’ll also notice some cooling effects, as the comfort layer memory foam is gel-infused.

Erin D Customer Review
Source: bedinabox | Erin D. Customer Review


This mattress has an almost similar feel to the Original. However, because of its lower profile and 6” support core, the Essential mattress is firmer.

With a medium-firm feel, it’s ideal for heavy back and stomach sleepers.


The mattress easily conforms to your body and hugs your pressure points. It has a medium-soft feel.

Although it’s softer than the other models, the responsive Pluralux foam in the transitional layer ensures you don’t feel stuck “in” your mattress.

The mattress also feels cool to the touch, as the cover is made with UltraCool phase change materials.

John c. Customer Review
Source: bedinabox | John C. Customer Review


This mattress is on the firmer side. 

The Tencel cover cools you while the CoolRest layer conforms to your body to relieve your pressure points.

However, you won’t sink deep in the mattress as the highly responsive Pluralux transitional layer and firm density support foam hold your up weight.  

Dual Hybrid

This spring-foam mattress has both conforming and supporting features.

Instead of the CoolRest comfort layer spotted on the previous models, the Dual Hybrid features only Pluralux foam. This is highly responsive and ensures the bed bounces back to its shape once you shift your weight.

In addition, the two coil layers give you maximum support and ensure you don’t feel a sinking sensation. 


The luxury Eco-lux mattress is medium-firm. 

When you lie on the bed, the soft organic cotton cover and a plush BioLux comfort layer conform to your body and relieve your pressure points. 

You won’t sink in further because the high-density BioLux support core is firm enough to support your weight.

Which Mattress In A Box Model Is Right for You?

Mattress Stomach Sleepers Back Sleepers Side Sleepers
Original X X
Essential X X
Azul X X
Tranquillium X X
Dual Hybrid X X
Eco Lux X X

BedInABox Constructions and Specs

Model Distinguishing Feature Thickness Materials
  • Thick 8” support foam
  • Smooth knit polyester cover
  • 3” CoolRest 3lb comfort layer
  • 8” SureAlign 2lb density support foam
  • Lowest profile
  • Smooth knit polyester cover
  • 3” CoolRest 3lb comfort layer
  • 6” SureAlign 2lb density support foam
  • UltraCool cover
  • Extra UltraCool layer for extra cooling
  • Smooth knit UltraCool cover
  • UltraCool layer with multiple phase change materials (PCM)
  • 3” CoolRest 3lb comfort layer
  • 2” Pluralux foam transitional layer
  • 6” SureAlign 2lb density support foam
  • Tencel cover with cooling and moisture-wicking properties
  • Smooth knit Tencel cover
  • 3” CoolRest 3lb comfort layer
  • 2” Pluralux foam transitional layer
  • 7” SureAlign 2lb density support foam
Dual Hybrid
  • 2 layers of pocketed coils for extra support and pressure relief
  • Soft knit UltraCool cover
  • 3” Pluralux foam comfort layer
  • 1” Micro coil layer
  • 1” SureAlign 2lb density foam transitional layer
  • 7” pocketed coil layer
  • 1” SureAlign 2lb density support foam
  • Organic cotton cover
    Eco-friendly bio-based foam
  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • 3” BioLux 4lb renewable foam comfort layer
  • 8” BioLux 1.8lb density support foam

BedInABox Mattress Size Options and Prices

Size Original Essential Azul Tranquillium Dual Hybrid Eco-Lux
Twin $559.20 $449 $679.20 $759.20 $919.20
Twin XL $599.20 $549 $759.20 $839.20 $999.20
Full $679.20 $649 $839.20 $999.20 $1,159.20
Queen $759.20 $749 $999.20 $1,159.20 $1,799.20 $1,079.20
King $919.20 $849 $1,159.20 $1,319.20 $2,039.20 $1,239.20
Cal King $919.20 $849 $1,159.20 $1,319.20 $2,039.20
Split King $1098

BedInABox Mattresses Performance 

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Most memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, making them uncomfortable for hot sleepers. 

But not the BedInABox.

These best mattresses in a box have several cooling features:

  • Cooling covers — Azul’s and Dual Hybrid’s UltraCool cover, Tranquillium’s Tencel cover, and Eco-Lux’s breathable cotton cover all increase airflow.
  • CoolRest gel memory foam — Draws heat from your body on those hot nights. 
  • Open-cell structure foam — Allows air circulation to ensure hot air isn’t trapped inside the mattress.

Motion Transfer

If you’re a light sleeper and share your bed with an active sleeper, you need a mattress with low motion transfer. That is, your mattress should absorb your partner’s movements so that they don’t reach your side of the bed.

All-foam mattresses are excellent in motion isolation, making BedInABox models the best mattresses for couples.

Note: The Dual Hybrid model will also reduce some motion transfer — each of the pocketed coils absorbs movement vibrations, ensuring they don’t travel across the bed. 


Memory foam mattresses are generally very quiet. Therefore, expect BedInABox foam mattresses to be noiseless. 

Also, unlike innerspring mattresses, hybrid models have encased coils that reduce the noise from them. So don’t expect a lot of noise from your Dual Hybrid either.

Edge Support

Memory foam mattresses are known for weak edge support. The BedInABox foam mattresses are no different.

Since the mattresses are designed for body conformity, adding edge support on the perimeter would reduce the mattress’s true purpose.

If your main goal is edge support, you should consider the best hybrid mattresses.


BedInABox’s generous 20-year warranty should give you confidence in their expected durability.

In fact, customers say the oldest model, the Original, has a longer-than-average lifespan:

Joene H. Customer Review
Srouece: bedinabox | Joene H. Customer Review

The average mattress lifespan is 6–8 years. From that, we can safely assume the newer models will also have a longer lifespan.


Like most memory foam mattresses, the BedInABox models will have some odor when you unbox. But this odor quickly dissipates and you will not need to air the mattress outside.

Delivery, Warranty, and Returns

Shipping: Free shipping in the contiguous US. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APOs available at an extra fee.

Sleep Trial: 120-night sleep trial with full refund available.

Warranty: Limited 20-year warranty.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I flip my mattress?

No, you shouldn’t flip your BedInABox mattress. The bottom layer is the firm support foam which would be quite uncomfortable to sleep on. However, rotate the mattress every six months to prevent uneven wearing.

Where can I test a BedInABox mattress?

BedInABox models are sold online, but you can test the mattresses at any of their showrooms across the USA.

How long can a mattress stay in a box?

BedInABox recommends that you unbox and test the mattress within 30 days. Your warranty may be voided if you unbox it later and find any defects.

Which is the best foundation for the mattress?

You can use any standard foundation for your mattress. However, ensure that the foundation is stable enough to support the mattress and prevent it from sagging or breaking down.

BedInABox Company Information

BBB Rating

BedInABox currently holds an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Physical Stores

BedInABox headquarters are in Johnson City, Tennessee, where the mattresses are also manufactured. They also have several showrooms in the USA.

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