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My Green Mattress Review

My Green Mattress
My Green Mattress is a family-owned business that manufactures 100% organic mattresses and bed accessories in a GOTS and GOLS Certified Organic Factory. These eco-friendly mattresses offer excellent support with minimal motion transfer.


  • 100% eco-friendly
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Military discount
  • Product financing


  • You must rotate the mattress monthly to break it in evenly


  • Support 9.0
  • Edge Support 8.5
  • Motion Transfer 8.5
  • Durability 8.0
  • Warranty 8.5
  • Trial Period 9.0

My Green Mattress Black Friday Sales:

  • $300 Off King Mattresses
  • $225 Off Queen Mattresses
  • $150 Off Full & Twin Mattresses

Looking for an all-organic mattress? 

My Green Mattress is the answer.

My Green Mattress was invented by Tim Masters, a father looking for a natural remedy to his daughter Emily’s skin condition. She suffered from severe eczema and allergies.

As a result, Tim developed an all-organic mattress to ease her allergies and skin irritation.

If you experience skin issues or allergic reactions due to toxic chemicals, a mattress from My Green Mattress — alongside Myour doctor’s recommendations and medical treatment — can help to improve your health.


Table of Contents

Who Is My Green Mattress Right For?

Below are two considerations that’ll help you when choosing the right mattress:

  • Sleeping position
  • Health conditions such as sensitivity to toxic chemicals

Back and stomach sleepers enjoy many options from My Green Mattress. That’s because My Green Mattresses have zoned coils for sufficient lumbar support.

Asian woman dreaming while sleeping on bed

However, when it comes to side sleepers, the choices are limited. Unfortunately, many in that group find My Green Mattresses too firm.

Exhausted man sleeping in his bed

If you’re a strict side sleeper, you may not get the proper pressure relief to support your body curves throughout the night.

If you’re sensitive to EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields), most My Green Mattresses are safe for you because the innerspring isn’t constructed with any metal. The one exception is The Natural Escape which is made with recycled metal coils.

People who get irritated by off-gassing and other toxins found in and around mattresses will appreciate a mattress from the My Green Mattress collection.

Since the company adopts an organic and eco-friendly manufacturing process, their mattresses have zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are harmful chemicals — including formaldehyde, toxic heavy metals, and chemical flame retardants — that trigger allergic reactions and illness.

My Green Mattress Lines

The Hybrid variant has three types of mattresses, while each of the other brands has one option.

The Hybrid Mattresses

The most luxurious mattress in the lineup, The Natural Escape,is great for adults who like a considerable amount of bounce.

The generous pressures point relief provided by the 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring, makes it great for all sleeping positions as well as a great child’s bed as it adapts well to growing bodies.

Natural Escape
Source: mygreenmattress | Natural Escape

The Kiwi and Kiwi Bunk Bed mattresses are perfect for growing children transiting to bigger beds.

Kiwi Mattress
Source: mygreenmattress | Kiwi

The Kiwi and Kiwi Bunk Bed mattresses are mostly similar in feel and support. However, the standard Kiwi mattress is available in a one or two-sided option. Thus, you can turn it and sleep on either side. The Kiwi Bunk is 1-sided.

The two mattresses also differ slightly in height.

The standard Kiwi is 9.5″ high while the Kiwi Bunk Bed mattress is 8’’ high – hence the price difference.

On the other hand, the Kiwi Mattress is flippable.

Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress
Source: mygreenmattress | Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress

Latex-Free Mattress

The Pure Echo mattress is a latex-free, coil free one or two-sided option. It’s perfect for children, teens, or adults that prefer a firm feel.

Pure Echo
Source: mygreenmattress | Pure Echo

Spring-Free Mattress

The Hope Latex mattress is a good choice for adults who struggle with pressure points. The latex in its layers helps to ease symptoms linked with ailments like arthritis and scoliosis.

Hope Latex mattress
Source: mygreenmattress | Hope Latex mattress

Just for Baby Mattresses

The Emily Organic Crib Mattress line has a Standard Crib Mattress designed to fit a baby’s crib. And it sleeps on both sides.

Emily Organic Crib Mattress
Source: mygreenmattress | Emily Organic Crib Mattress

Note: My Green Mattress indicates the dimensions, height, weight, and coil count for each mattress according to size in the product description.

My Green Mattress Firmness

The firmness of a mattress directly impacts your sleep experience. It’s the aspect that determines your spine alignment and hence, how comfortably you sleep.

Green Mattress Firmness

My Green Mattresses firmness ranges from medium-firm to firm.

Mattress Firmness Level
The Natural Escape Medium-firm
Kiwi Firm
Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress Firm
The Pure Echo Mattress Firm
Hope Latex Mattress Medium-firm
Emily Organic Crib Mattress Medium-firm

What My Green Mattresses Feel Like

In terms of feel, these mattresses are:

  • Smooth
  • Cool
  • Cushioned
  • Firm

Smooth Exterior

My Green Mattresses feel smooth due to the organic wool and cotton in the top cover. In addition to the two-inch plush latex mattress topper, these materials help reduce friction as you toss and turn in your sleep.

Cooling Effect

The top cover helps to regulate heat because the organic wool and cotton encourage breathability.

Also, the natural latex rubber gives it an airy and almost spongy texture. As a result, your nights won’t be too hot and sweaty.

Kristen C. Customer review
Source: | Kristen C. Customer Review

Cushioning Feel

The Dunlop latex used in My Green Mattresses helps cradle your joints without much sinkage. Thus, the mattress gives you modest cushioning.

John W. Customer Review
Source: | John W. Customer Review


The My Green Mattress collection is firmer than many of its competitors. That’s because they’re constructed with latex foam — which is more resilient than memory foam or adaptive foam.

Which My Green Mattress is Right for You?

Mattress Stomach Sleeper Back Sleeper Side Sleeper
The Natural Escape X X X
Kiwi X X
Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress X X
The Pure Echo Mattress X X
Hope Latex Mattress X X
Emily Organic Crib Mattress X X

My Green Mattresses Construction and Specs

My Green Mattresses variants have at least three distinct layers.

Layers in the Natural Escape Mattress

The top cover is made of either organic cotton, organic wool, or a combination of both. Those materials act as a natural fire barrier and regulate heat. Hence, you’re guaranteed to have a cool sleep.

The second and third layers have either comfort or support layers made of 100% pure Dunlop latex. The amount of latex determines the level of firmness and bounciness of a mattress.

Lastly, the fourth layer is made of a pocketed coil system.

Note: The zones and number of coils for each mattress differ depending on the size.

Model Flipping Option Number of Layers Materials in the layers
The Natural Escape One-sided option Four layers Top cover - Cotton and organic wool

2nd layer - Comfort layer of 3’’ of medium-firm 100% breathable dunlop latex

3rd layer - Wide lumbar support layer of nested coils
Kiwi One or two-sided option Four layers Top cover - Organic cotton

2nd layer - 1’’ wool pad

3rd layer - 1.25’’ organic Dunlop latex

4th layer - Leggett & Platt Caliber-Edge pocketed coils
Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress One-sided option Four layers Top cover - Organic cotton and wool

2nd layer - 1’’ of organic wool batting

3rd layer - Comfort layer of 1.25’’ of firm 100% pure Dunlop latex

4th layer - Leggett & Platt Caliber-Edge pocketed coils
The Pure Echo mattress One or two-sided option Three layers Top cover - Cotton with organic wool

2nd layer - Heavy-weight organic cotton batting

3rd layer - 3-zones of pocket coils
Hope Latex Mattress One or two-sided option Four layers Top cover - Cotton with organic wool

2nd layer - Comfort layer of 2’’ of soft 100% soft Dunlop latex

3rd layer - Comfort layer of 3’’ of medium-firm 100% Dunlop latex

4th layer - Comfort layer of 3’’ of firm 100% Dunlop latex
Emily Organic Crib Mattress One or two-sided option Three layers Top cover - Cotton with organic wool

2nd layer - Organic coconut coir pad bound with organic latex

3rd layer - Heavy-duty (13.5 gauge) innerspring with 150 coils
My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress Size Options and Price

My Green Mattresses come in different size options, depending on the type. Let’s explore the price tag for each mattress according to the available sizes below.

Size Dimension The Natural Escape Kiwi Mattress Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress Pure Echo Mattress Hope Latex Mattress Emily Organic Crib Mattress
Twin $899 $689 $599 $739 $829
Twin XL $999 $689 $779 $889
Full $1199 $899 $889 $1099
Full XL $1399 $1099 $1049 $1299
Queen $1499 $1099 $1049 $1299
King $1699 $1299 $1449 $1519
California King $1699 $1374 $1489
Standard Crib Mattress size $259

My Green Mattress Performance

Heavier Sleepers

My Green Mattress is an excellent option for folks who weigh over 130 lbs. The mattress spring system is firm enough to hold your body weight with a considerable level of bounce. Plus, they offer perfect zoning to relieve pressure at painful points and increase comfort.

Malcolm F. Customer Review
Source: mygreenmattress | Malcolm F. Customer Review

Motion Transfer

The pocketed coils help to limit motion transfer. When someone moves, the coils directly beneath the downward pressure are the only ones that depress — without distributing motion.

So, if you’re sharing a My Green Mattress with another sleeper, their movement will not cause much disturbance.

Edge Support

The edge of your mattress should offer great support, allowing you to enter and exit the bed easily without sinkage or sliding off.

Blond haired asian woman reading a book on a mattress

My Green Mattresses are built with a spring system to effectively hold up your body weight at the edges. Test it by pushing down on the corner, and you’ll find that these mattresses hold up quite well.


My Green Mattresses are long-lasting because they’re made with Dunlop latex, which is a particularly durable type compared to other latex variants like Talalay latex.

Furthermore, the pocketed coils are generally higher in number than other mattresses in the market.

Note: To enhance the mattress’s longevity, rotate it head to toe once a month in the first three months. After that, turn it once every quarter of the year.


The organic mattress brands from My Green Mattress are made of eco-friendly natural materials.

After unpacking, buyers notice a faint natural odor coming from the latex and wool.

Jayne E. Customer Review
Source: mygreenmattress | Jayne E. Customer Review
Jonathan R. Customer Review
Source: mygreenmattress | Jonathan R. Customer Review

However, the smell is insignificant and it completely disappears after 24 hours. Therefore, the mattress doesn’t require an airing-out period. 


My Green Mattresses may not be 100% silent. That’s because the coil support layer can produce some creaking sounds. Fortunately, the latex layers in the mattress muffle the sound so that you can sleep peacefully.

My Green Mattress Company Policies — Delivery, Trial Period, Warranty, and Returns

Once your order is ready, you’ll receive a tracking number to monitor your mattress. The mattresses are shipped for free within the continental United States via FedEx. However, customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada need to pay a shipping fee.

You can expect your delivery to arrive within two weeks.

You’ve got a 120-day trial period, within which you can exchange or return the mattress if you’re not pleased with it.

These mattresses have a 20-year warranty. So if you experience any of the defects listed in their policy, you can request a replacement of the same model and size. If your original purchase has been discontinued, you’ll get the most comparable model as an exchange. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Do My Green Mattresses need a box spring?

No. My Green Mattresses work great on any firm surface, including the floor.

But if you prefer to place the mattress on a box spring or slatted foundation, ensure the distance between slats is 3 inches or less. And if you’re unsure, add a plywood or bunkie board on the slatted surface, then lay the mattress over it.

Is My Green Mattress a good mattress?

Yes. My Green Mattress is fantastic for both back and side sleepers. It’s an eco-friendly mattress with no plastic or metal; hence, it’s good for your health and the planet. It sleeps cool and offers significant support for optimal pressure relief. And it cushions your body to provide comfort without sinkage.

How long do My Green Mattresses last?

My Green Mattresses will serve you and your family for over a decade. The average period of durability is 15 years and the above-average lifespan is 20 years.

Can you flip a My Green Mattress?

Yes. All My Green Mattress alternatives are one or two-sided options, apart from The Natural Escape and Kiwi Bunk Bed mattress.

My Green Mattress recommends you flip the mattress quarterly throughout the year (after monthly flips during the first quarter) to even out the wear.

Where can I try a My Green Mattress?

You can visit the My Green Mattress showroom in LaGrange, IL, to try out a mattress.

Once you find your best fit, go ahead and make an order.

My Green Mattress Company Information

BBB Rating

The BBB rating system uses a letter-grade scale to gauge the level of confidence a business has in its customers. My Green Mattress earned an A rating, meaning you’re guaranteed a legit purchase and quality customer service.

Physical Stores

My Green Mattress has a showroom that you can visit in LaGrange, IL. The second physical store is located at 1519 W. 55th Street.

The showroom is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. And if you prefer to make a Sunday visit, pop in between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

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