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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Does your mattress have lumps? Are the springs squeaking incessantly?

Worse still, are your allergies or asthma attacks suffering?

If so, these are signs you need to replace your mattress.

Besides the numerous health implications, everyone loves a consistently comfortable night’s sleep. Therefore, it’s a sound idea to consider replacing your mattress.

As you prepare to buy a new mattress, you don’t want to get hit with an eye-popping credit card bill. For such a big-ticket item, it’s essential to consider your budget, seasonal sales, special discounts, and new mattress models.

This information will help you save money and acquire a quality mattress.

Thus, perfect timing is a critical aspect of mattress shopping.

So, when’s the best time to buy a mattress? Let’s explore.

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress — Deals on National Holidays

Both online and brick-and-mortar stores offer attractive discounts during the holidays. They do so in anticipation of huge sales volumes to compensate for the slashed prices.

It’s therefore prudent to buy a mattress during holiday sales events. Typically, you’ll benefit from enticing discounts.

Here’s a breakdown of the major holidays and what to expect.

Buying a Mattress on Presidents’ Day

queen mattresses

Americans celebrate George Washington’s birthday in honor of all other presidents on the third Monday in February. The celebratory mood offers a break from winter. It also ushers in new models and stocks from mattress manufacturers.

Retailers use multiple tactics to attract customers and get their stocks flying off the shelves.

Some of the offers that make Presidents’ Day the best time to buy a mattress include:

  • Unique coupon codes for online shoppers
  • Percentage discounts of 10%, 30%, and even 50% off
  • Free bonus items, e.g. pillows, towels, or bedsheets
  • Time-bound offers with slashed prices

As you prepare to buy a mattress online, check out websites like Sleep Reviews for brilliant insights. Using last year’s Presidents’ Day offers, we can speculate on what kinds of offers you can expect this upcoming February.

Fact: Even a 40% discount can translate into significant mattress savings.

The Fourth of July

On Independence Day, many workers take the day off, providing an excellent opportunity to buy a mattress online. For that reason, online stores offer a variety of deals ranging from discounts, competitions, free items, and sales coupons.

At this time of year, most mattress stores bring in new models and stocks. As a result, you’ll have lots of options to select from.

Buy a Mattress on Labor Day

Purple Mattress Review

Mattress sellers join the Labor Day celebrations by offering deals and irresistible discounts to consumers. You can make considerable savings upwards of 60%.

Check out these tips to secure the best deals on Labor Day:

  • Target luxury mattress brands — Luxurious brands like Original Purple Mattress come with additional comfort, longer shelf-life, and prestige. Sometimes retailers struggle to sell such expensive brands. As a result, they occasionally offer considerable discounts to attract buyers.To that end, you can acquire a top quality mattress at a significant discount if you time your purchase right.
  • Keep up with mattress sales news — Mattress stores always inform their customers of upcoming offers to boost awareness. Ensure you’re following them on social media and have subscribed to your favorite retailer’s mailing list.
  • Research prices — It’s easy to get duped by an impressive discount without verifying other offers. Therefore, it’s wise to check out the available deals by comparison shopping, visiting shops, or utilizing price comparison apps like Pricena and Price Pirates.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving deals closely precede Black Friday sales, making it the best time to buy a mattress. Most Americans travel home to visit their families, necessitating additional accommodation provisions.

To that end, mattress stores create Thanksgiving deals and discounts to attract more shoppers.

On the other hand, online mattress retailers use the day to usher in the mattress shopping mood, sustained through the Christmas season.

If you’re hoping to host your family for Thanksgiving, be on the lookout for early deals.

This takes us to the final holiday on our list.

Memorial Day

As the nation commemorates war veterans, you can acquire a top-quality mattress. Be sure to look for discounts, coupons, and affordable product bundles on offer from mattress retailers.

As Americans celebrate Memorial Day in the month of May, it’s arguably the best time to buy a mattress.

Why is that?

The mattress industry uses the period after Memorial Day weekend to bring new stocks.

Consequently, it’s possible to get discounts as high as 60% as stores rush to clear old stock. Additionally, new department stores use this time to set their foot in the market.

To prepare for the upcoming holiday deals, check out these helpful reviews.

For those who love online shopping, don’t miss the next section.

Buying a Mattress Online

The business world has fully embraced e-commerce, which is why there are multiple online deals to choose from. The most popular deals include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day.

Below are tips on how you can take advantage of online deals when buying a mattress.

Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black friday sale

Black Friday tends to go viral due to the huge discounts and volume of products involved. The period, which sometimes runs until Sunday, overwhelms even the most seasoned shoppers.

For a smooth shopping experience, it’s wise to assess the discounts and available deals carefully.

Use the following tips when buying a mattress during Black Friday:

  • Peruse different ads — Look out for ads on the week preceding Black Friday. These ads will give you hints on various mattress brands and offers. In the age of artificial intelligence, you’ll receive numerous relevant ads based on your search history.
  • Look out for timed offers — Online mattress stores create timed offers to reward loyal customers. These offers include sales hour, midnight rush, deal of the day, and so on. Activate website alerts to get notifications of the best mattress deals.

You can catch many of these deals online the following week, during the annual Cyber Monday event. If you’re looking for ways to save money, these deals from online retailers offer a great opportunity for massive savings.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon dedicates an annual sales event for its Prime subscribers. To that end, mattress brands create amazing deals specifically for this event. To access the privilege, you’ll need to pay for a Prime membership.

Hint: To enjoy the Prime Day deals, you can sign up for a free trial before the sale goes live. Upon purchasing a mattress, you can either cancel the free trial or pay for the continued subscription.

Here are some additional ways you can prepare to buy a mattress during Prime Day:

  • Collect bonus points — Amazon has designed unique points that are only redeemable during Amazon Prime Day. Ensure you collect enough gift cards, Amazon cash points, and small business credits.
  • Use the Amazon mobile app — Download the Amazon mobile app to get notifications on the best deals, shop on the go, and manage all your orders.

Clearance Sales and Other Mattress Deals

If a mattress store has a problem with selling stock, it may use reduced mattress prices to attract buyers. As a result, mattress stores will occasionally offer deals to clear stagnant stock.

Examples of these opportunities include:

  • Clearance sales — In preparation for new stock and busy shopping seasons, shops slash prices to clear old items. You can capitalize on these deals to buy a new mattress.
    A point to note: Most clearance sales take place in June, July, or January, following the winter holidays. You can therefore set aside money in anticipation of these offers.
  • Store closures — When a store is closing down, it’s the best time to buy a mattress. In these cases, stores lower their prices, enabling buyers to acquire a new mattress at a bargain. You can ask for recommendations of store closures in online communities like Facebook groups.

Reaching the End of Your Mattress Lifespan

The general lifespan of a mattress is eight years — but this varies with quality. Towards the end of your mattress lifespan, you’ll experience reduced sleep quality. Therefore, a year or two before the expected life span is the best time to buy a new mattress.

Below is a simplified table providing different types of mattresses and their corresponding lifespans.

Type of Mattress
Latex Can last between 20-25 years, depending on whether it's organic or synthetic latex
Memory Foam With regular care and rotation, can last from 10-15 years
Innerspring Lasts for 10 years or longer if coils are on both sides
Waterbed Lasts for 5-10 years
Hybrid As a fusion of innerspring and foam, these are less durable; you’ll need to replace after 6 years but this varies based on component quality

Lifespan aside, how else can you detect an aging mattress?

Below are some signs to help you spot a defective mattress.

  • A feeling of fatigue in the morning — A comfortable mattress is supposed to help you wake up feeling fresh, rested, and ready for the day. On the other hand, if you wake feeling tired, this implies that your body didn’t find a suitable position to rest — resulting in fatigue.
  • Visible or noticeable sags — Sagging is one of the most obvious signs of an aging mattress. This can either be a result of broken springs, compressed fibers, or defective foam components.
    Don’t wait for huge depressions to form; instead, prioritize changing your mattress once you notice signs of sagging.
  • Varying softness — Unfortunately, a foam mattress is affected by changes in temperature. To that end, continued exposure to extreme temperatures weakens a foam mattress.
    You’ll therefore find sections that are either too soft or too hard. On noticing inconsistencies, it’s wise to start looking for a new mattress.

A Growing Household 

As the years go by, your family may grow in size. For instance, a young couple might be expecting a baby. In that case, the expectant mother will prefer to sleep on a mattress that provides comfortable support for her belly.

In addition, the right mattress should be strong enough to withstand additional weight.

Similar examples of changing families include a couple moving in together, a child becoming a teenager, or hosting a parent or other relative. If you’re expecting changes to your family structure, it’s wise to check the stores for a suitable mattress solution.

It’s Time to Change Your Mattress

Managing your home is a continuous exercise — which translates to a better quality of life. Thus, keeping an essential item like your mattress in tip-top shape is instrumental to a positive family dynamic.

To achieve maximal comfort, you’ll need to regularly gather valuable information on getting the best sleep possible. One option is a sleep expert like Sleep Reviews. We offer useful product guides and reviews.

Whether you require a mattress, pillow, bedsheets, or general advice — Sleep Reviews is your one-stop-shop for information.

Visit Sleep Reviews today to transform your sleep experience.