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The Practical Guide to Bed Size Dimensions

You’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and invest in a new bed. After all, a bed is crucial to your well-being. It’s the place where you rejuvenate and gather strength for the day ahead.

Now, if you’re wondering how big the California King is or the difference between a king and queen — you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Sleep Reviews, we want you to get the best night’s sleep possible. That’s why we’ve gathered all the facts, tips, and tricks to help you find the right bed for you and your family.

Mattress Size Dimensions

Did you know? According to the International Sleep Products Association, the standard bed size in the US is 74 to 80 inches in length. 

We’ve rounded up these and other standard bed size dimensions for your consideration.

For the Smallest Humans in Your Family: The Crib And Toddler Bed Mattress 

crib toddler bed mattress

Ideal crib mattress dimensions are 28 x 52 inches. This is the perfect size for your baby’s first 18 months.

The most important feature of the crib mattress: extra safety.

Make sure the mattress is properly sized. Ideally, there should be no more than two finger-widths of space between the mattress and the crib wall.

Go for a firmer mattress, as soft mattresses can be dangerous for a baby’s breathing when they roll over.

Or, consider going for two in one: a double-sided mattress. This mattress has a firm side for babies and a softer side for older toddlers.

Children can use the toddler mattress from around 18 months to 4 or 5 years of age.

A toddler mattress is an excellent option because it’s easy to:

  • Move
  • Fit into any room
  • Store

Pro tip: As this is the potty-training phase, get protective mattress pads to keep your toddler mattress in good shape.

For Single Sleepers: Twin Size Mattress

twin size mattress

We’ve come to the standard size mattresses, the smallest of which is the twin size.

Twin size bed dimensions are 38 x 75 inches, which makes them roomy enough if you don’t move a lot when you sleep.

However, if you like to roll, sprawl, toss and turn, this isn’t the choice for you.

This mattress size is perfect for:

  • Children who have outgrown the toddler mattress
  • Pre-teens and early teens
  • Bunk beds — which saves space if siblings have to share a room

If you’re a college student renting a small space, this is a great option as it:

  • Is light
  • Can fit anywhere
  • Is easy to haul
  • Can double as a couch

Their size and versatility make twin mattresses an economical and practical choice.

For Taller Individuals: Twin XL Mattress

twin XL mattress

What’s the difference between a twin size and a Twin XL bed? The length.

A Twin XL is 5 inches longer than a Twin, so its dimensions are 38 x 80.

This is the bed for you if you want all the benefits of a twin mattress size, but you’re too tall to fit comfortably on one.

It’s the ideal mattress if you are a relatively still sleeper who’s over 6 feet tall and:

  • Your bedroom is small
  • You share a dorm room with more people
  • You have bunk beds in a vacation home

Room Size

Both twin size beds and Twin XL can fit into a 7 x 10-foot room. However, if you need to fit two twin beds into one room, it’ll need to be at least 9 x 9.5 feet.

Note: This size won’t allow room for much space between the beds, and it’ll fit only small pieces of additional furniture.

A great option is to use bunk beds. For children, the minimum ceiling height should be 7.5 feet; for adult use, it should be 8 feet.

For Sprawlers: Full-Size Mattress

full size mattress

We’ve come to the bigger mattress sizes. The first one is a full-size mattress, also known as a double mattress.

Its dimensions are 54 x 75 inches, which makes it the same length as a twin mattress, only it’s wider. Just like the twin mattress, this might be too short for tall individuals.

We don’t recommend this mattress for two people who share a bed, as each person will only have 27 inches of space.

This mattress size is a popular choice for:

  • Kids and teens — it gives parents more space at tuck-in time
  • Single adults with or without pets

If you decide to go for a full bed, the minimum space you’ll need is 9 x 9.5 feet. Be aware; there won’t be a lot of space for end tables or other furniture.

If you have a room of 10 x 11 feet, you’ll benefit from a more comfortable layout. In this space, you’ll be able to put end tables and a wardrobe in the room.

The Most Popular Sharing Option: Queen-Size Bed 

queen size bed

A queen-size bed is ideal for sharing between two bodies — be it two people or one person with a furry friend.

These mattress dimensions are 60 x 80 inches, which makes them quite spacious.

A queen mattress is the most popular option because it can fit:

  • Couples
  • Individuals who love the extra room
  • Parents and pet owners — there’s room for snuggling

A queen-sized bed is not a good option for:

  • Those with a small room
  • Individual people who don’t move much when they sleep
  • Children

Another reason why a queen bed is the most popular choice in North America — it’s budget and space-friendly. 

The minimum room dimensions you need for a queen-size bed are 9.5 x 10 feet. Full and queen bedroom requirements don’t differ much, as they have similar dimensions.

As always, consider how much furniture you’ll need to fit in the room beside the bed.

Our wardrobe advice: go for a wardrobe with sliding or pocket doors, as it’ll require much less space than the swing-out.

Feel Like Royalty: King-Size Mattress

king size mattress

The ruling champion of couple beds is the king-size bed. Its dimensions are 76 x 80 inches.

Did you know? The king-sized bed is the same length as the queen, but it’s 16’’ wider.

If you’re a light sleeper and your partner moves a lot during the night, this might be your best bet for restful sleep.

Let’s get down to the negatives:

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to move

You’ll need a spacious room to fit a king-size mattress.

The minimum room dimensions are 9.5 x 11.5 feet.

Our advice: if you can, choose a room of at least 12 x 12 feet, as it’ll give you more space to feel comfortable. You’ll be able to put in end tables and a wardrobe.

The Western King: California King Mattress

california king mattress

Sick and tired of your feet dangling off the edge of the bed? A California king size mattress is your choice.

Its dimensions are 72 x 84 inches, which means it’s narrower than standard king mattresses, but it’s the longest mattress on this list.

It’s the best option for:

  • Tall people
  • Couples who want more space or are active sleepers
  • Families with children and pets

What’s the downside? It’s the most expensive mattress on the list, and the costs don’t stop once you purchase it. You’ll also have to shell out more cash for non-standard sheets and blankets.

Also, you’ll need a room that is at least 13 x 12 feet to fit a California king bed.

As this is a longer but thinner option compared to the standard king-size, it can fit more comfortably.

This is why it’s also a popular option for people who are not so tall. It may end up saving you more space.

Our Choice Beds for Your Size

Here’s what to consider when mattress shopping:

  • Size of the person sleeping on the mattress
  • Number of people sleeping on the mattress
  • Mattress labels and product descriptions
  • Room location
  • Cost

Or, check out Sleep Reviews, where we do all the work for you. We’ve got a complete guide on how to choose the best mattress.

Mattress Sizes

Mattress Type Mattress Sizes in Inches Mattress Sizes in Centimeters Room Size in Feet
Crib and toddler 28 x 52 71 x 132 Fits in any room
Twin 38 x 75 96.5 x 190.5 7 x 10
Twin XL 38 X 80 96.5 X 203.2 7 X 10
Full 54 x 75 134.6 x 190.5 9 x 9.5
Queen 60 x 80 152.4 x 203.2 9.5 x 10
King 76 x 80 193.04 x 203.2 9.5 x 11.5
California King 72 x 84 182.8 x 213.3 13 x 12

Sleep Like a Baby With Sleep Reviews

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We’ve reviewed everything from best pillows to mattress brands, so you can make the best choice for yourself.

We hope our guide on mattress sizes and bed dimensions helps you make the right choice for your needs.