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The Best Sheets Available on Amazon Right Now

When it comes to sleeping essentials, many people underestimate the importance of getting their bedsheets right. 

Think about it — together with your pillows and covers, bed sheets make up the entirety of your bedtime trifecta. 

They’re the three things you’re in constant contact with throughout the night. 

You use them every day, and just like your pillows and covers, they have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. Thus, the importance of investing in decent sheets for yourself and your loved ones cannot be understated. 

Luckily, with a well-known and widely-used online store such as Amazon, you have a wide range of bed sheets right at your disposal. 

Today we’ve handpicked the best bed sheets on Amazon for your perusal.

But first, here’s a brief peek at the sheets we found most worthy of a review.

Quick Summary of the Best Sheets on Amazon in 2021

Sheet Material Availability
Bare Home Microfiber Sheets 100% microfiber sheets Check price
Mellanni Bed Sheets 100% microfiber sheets Check price
Southshore Fine Sheets 100% microfiber sheets Check price
Bedsure Bamboo Sheets 100% viscose derived from bamboo Check price
Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen 100% Linen Check price

The 6 Best Sheets on Amazon in 2021, Reviewed

Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set

Bare Home premium ultra soft microfiber sheets

The Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set feels as soft as your favorite luxury sheets, but with a price tag that can accommodate most budgets.

The set is made from polyester microfiber and uses a double-brushed mesh design for cooling and breathability.

This material also means that the sheets are machine washable. Additionally, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and goes back to its smooth feel without the need for ironing.

When it comes to sizing, each fitted sheet comes in a 15-inch-deep pocket to accommodate mattresses of a thickness between 6 and 15 inches.

Bare Home sheets are available in 11 sizes, ranging between Twin and Split King on Amazon.

The product is available in over 20 different colors, including plain and blended options.

Top features

  • Great for individuals on a budget
  • Huge color selection
  • Ultra-soft finish
  • Breathable brushed microfiber

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

With a silky feel, a wide array of color and size options, and a budget-friendly price tag, the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set makes a good case for itself.

The product comes as a four-piece set made from microfiber polyester that feels luxuriously silky against the skin.

On top of that, the material is hypoallergenic to repel allergens and dust mites. The Mellani Set is also brushed for air circulation.

This helps for a cooler and drier night’s sleep. Being microfiber, this also means that the sheets are wrinkle-proof and should maintain a smooth polished look without ironing.

The Mellani comes in 44 different color and pattern options, including neutral tones and bright jumpy colors.

There are also 11 different sizes ranging from Twin (smallest) to Split King (largest).

Plus, there’s an extra deep-pocket version for standard bed sizes to accommodate mattresses between 17 and 21 inches in thickness.

Lastly, the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set has a lifetime warranty against defects, and the brand also allows for returns if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Top features

  • Generous return and warranty policies
  • Great for shoppers looking for differently patterned sheets
  • Luxuriously smooth and soft

Southshore Fine Sheet Set

Southshore Fine Sheet Set

If you have an extra thick mattress, Southshore Fine Sheets are a suitable choice. This is because the fitted sheet comes with a bottomless pocket of 21 inches for even the thickest mattresses.

Unlike the previous bedsheets, the Southshore Set comes with six pieces for every size except for the Twin, which comes with the conventional four pieces.

This sheet set is made from microfiber material — something that happens to be pretty easy to care for, as it’s machine washable and doesn’t wrinkle. It’s also light and breathable for a cooler sleep.

The sheets are double brushed for extra softness. Other than that, there is an all-around elastic that grips onto the mattress, so you never have to worry about it coming off while you sleep.

The Southshore Sheets Set is available in 19 colors and five sizes, from Twin to California King. It also comes with a 30-day return policy and a full refund if you don’t like the product and a 1-year warranty against defects.

Top features

  • Fade-resistant
  • Includes four pillowcases
  • Affordable

Bedsure Bamboo Sheet Sets

Twin Bedsure White Bamboo

The Bedsure Bamboo Sheet set, as the name suggests, is made from viscose material derived from bamboo sticks.

This material is suitable for hot sleepers, as bamboo naturally regulates the temperature by moisture-wicking when it’s hot and retaining warmth when cold. So if you experience night sweats, this may be the sheet set for you.

The sheets are also allergen-resistant and great for people with sensitive skin. They are weaved from sateen, which is exceptionally smooth and soft on the skin.

Mattresses up to 16 inches thick can fit inside the deep pockets of the fitted sheet.

Each pillowcase also comes with an enclosure that prevents the pillow from shifting inside. The set is available in five sizes and eight color options.

Top features

  • Temperature neutral
  • Smooth texture
  • Great for people with sensitive skin

Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen

Wooflinen 100% Stone Washed French Linen

For buyers looking for a high-end set of sheets, Wooflinen French Linen sheets are among the best in the market.

The set is made from 100% French linen for the most comfortable sleeping experience.

What sets the Wooflinen sheet apart is the two-tone design — just by flipping the sheets, you’ll find the best neutral color to match your room, as one side is grey and the other is white.

This is suitable for hot sleepers and people who experience night sweats. Linen is great when it comes to breathability, and this material is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

The Wooflinen sheet set comes with six pieces: a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases. It’s also available in four sizes — Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Top features

  • Modern 6 piece set
  • Flappable through two-tone design
  • Temperature neutral
  • Anti-allergen and anti-microbial material
  • High quality and durable

What Should You Consider When Choosing Between Bed Sheets on Amazon?

Sheet Material

The material is perhaps the most crucial factor when buying sheets. 

Bedsheets are made from a variety of materials that vary in softness, thickness, and more. Depending on your pick, they might be: 

  • Microfiber sheets (including polyester microfiber and pure brushed microfiber)
  • Pure Linen sheets (including pure home linen sheet and flannel sheet set)
  • Cotton sheets (with subtypes including American Upland and Egyptian cotton sheets)
  • Silk sheets 

Every material has its downsides and benefits and finding the right one depends on your preferences. With such a vast collection on Amazon, you’re bound to find whatever material interests you, be it rare or common, cheap or expensive. 

Sheet Size

Picking the right size is relatively easy, as it almost wholly depends on your mattress size

That said, while shopping, you’ll also need to find sheets that will accommodate the thickness of your mattress — one that fits without being too loose. And, just as well, one that isn’t so small that spreading it renders it too taut. 

Sheet Cleaning and Maintenance

Since bedsheets are used daily, they need frequent cleaning and care. Some materials are machine washable, and these are great for individuals with busy schedules. 

Other materials require dry cleaning or spot cleaning, which is more expensive and time-consuming.

Do They Come in Sets?

Most bed sheets are sold in sets of four pieces, including:

  • A mattress sheet
  • A flat sheet
  • Two pillowcases

It makes sense to buy your sheets in sets, and the reasons for this go well beyond the fact that doing so makes it easy to find matching colors.

However, you could save a few bucks by buying individual sheets if you don’t need everything.

Sheet Feel

Bedsheets vary in feel depending on the material and the weaving of the fabric. They may feel silky (cotton sheets), fuzzy, crisp, velvety, buttery, or rough.

The best feel depends on your personal preference. To know the feeling of a sheet when buying on Amazon, you can read customer reviews.

Go Sleep-Reviews for the Best Sheets… and Beyond

We’re confident you can now begin shopping for the best bed sheets on Amazon for your quality sleep.

But, before you go, please remember that, while we do sweat the vitality of a good bedsheet, there’s more to tell about sleeping essentials — your choice of mattress and pillows matters too.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to pair your preferred bedsheet with a luxurious down pillow, be sure to check out our top five picks of pillows created just for you.

Our sleep experts here at Sleep Reviews have stocked our blog with lots of useful information.

From your bedroom curtains and mattress to what alarm clocks you should use — find everything you need for the perfect night’s sleep.

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