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Touché Eucalyptus Sheets Review

Brand Snapshot
Touche is your solution to luxurious bedding made for clearer and healthier skin and hair. Not only can it promote better skin the brand focuses on sustainability and staying eco-friendly while producing high-quality bedding. Their 100% Organic Vegan Silk Alternative has many benefits to your skin and can lead to better sleep quality.


  • Extremely soft to the touch
  • Breathable, ideal for a hot sleeper
  • Promotes healthier skin and hair
  • Sustainable products made from 100% organic eucalyptus
  • Not treated with any harmful or toxic chemicals
  • Naturally anti-bacterial


  • On the more pricey side
  • Can’t go into the dryer
  • May shrink 2-3% after wash


  • Trial Period 8.0

There is nothing like the feeling of laying down on your bed with some cool, silk, eucalyptus sheets to greet you. Especially when you have splurged on nice, quality sheets made out of material that feels like cool heaven on your skin.

A new type of eucalyptus sheets has been changing the bedding game by being super silky and smooth to the touch as well as environmentally friendly and effective against germs. That material is Tencel or by its more simpler term, eucalyptus.

Touché sheets and pillowcases are made out of 100% organic eucalyptus and embody all the benefits of utilizing this material. Their signature vegan silk helps to promote healthy hair and skin all while keeping you nice and cool. Their bed sheet sets include a flat and fitted sheet and are perfect for anybody who wants to get more out of their bedding and sleeping lifestyle.

Table of Contents

Who Might Like Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

Touché’s line of revolutionary sheets and pillowcases are perfect for those with sensitive skin. The pillowcases and sheets feature vegan silk made from eucalyptus pulp that helps to kill bacteria before it irritates your skin.

For those with skin concerns, regular cotton or polyester is not as breathable and can irritate your skin. It can also accumulate harmful substances such as dust mites, oil discharge, dead skin cells, and other bacteria.

This clean alternative is proven to reduce skin concerns such as irritation, breakouts, blackheads, and even wrinkles.

For those that are looking for a bedding alternative that promotes healthy, clear, and clean skin, Touché sheets are the ones for you

Touche Logo

Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

For those that are looking for a bedding alternative that promotes healthy, clear, and clean skin, Touché sheets are the ones for you.

Who Might Not Like Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

For those that are looking for a cheap and convenient bedding option, these high-quality Touché sheets may not be for you. The anti-bacterial vegan silk material requires a bit more maintenance than regular bedding and can be damaged quickly if not properly taken care of.

The sustainable material is also slightly more expensive than some of the more common bedding materials. Silk can also give a slippery, cooling sensation that not everyone will enjoy. Before buying, some things to keep in mind is the price and to air dry the sheets rather than the dryer.

Even then, the price is understandable considering the quality that you’ll be receiving. Needless to say, it isn’t for anyone that is looking for a budget buy here.

Also, it’s worth noting the following mattress sizes are not available at the time of publishing:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • California King

How Soft Are The Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

Touché sheets are truly super soft and silky smooth. While it does not have a complete silky feeling, the vegan alternative feels like a perfect mix between cotton and silk. It has the softness of organic cotton, but is breathable and smooth like silk.

For those that do not completely enjoy the slippery feel of silk, this Eucalyptus fabric is the perfect in between. The feathery softness helps to retain moisture in your skin and hair which gives you the beauty sleep you need and deserve.

Touche Sheets Set
Touche Logo

Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

For those that are looking for a bedding alternative that promotes healthy, clear, and clean skin, Touché sheets are the ones for you.

Touché Sheets and Pillowcases Material and Specifications

Their products ensure smooth, silky, and cooling textures along with hypoallergenic properties. Taking into account your health as well as reducing the number of times you need to wash it.

The silky-smooth pillowcases will keep your hair unbothered by frizz and shining with health, while also resisting bacterial growth. This means that sleeping would be another place to help fight against acne.

Based on all these reasons combined, Touché sheets and pillowcases are definitely worth trying so you can get a great night’s sleep.


Both the flat sheet and fitted sheet use eucalyptus, also known as Tencel fabric (or tencel lyocell), as their leading material.

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing woody shrub that is mostly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. What makes it such a renewable material is its ability to grow quickly. Also, when harvested, instead of uprooting the entire plant, eucalyptus is cut.

Tencel, made from eucalyptus is made from a lyocell process that uses plants that are quality certified by the Pan-European Forest Council and Forestry Stewardship Council. This process takes the pulp of the eucalyptus wood and reduces it down into a solution that is pushed through a spinneret.

What is produced is strong fibers that are used to spin into a fabric what we know as Tencel.

Mattress Specifications

Touché pillowcases come in one Queen size that measures 75cm by 50 cm, which fits most pillows. Touché sheets come in a fitted Queen or King size.

The Queen sheet measures 60in x 80in x 15in.

The King sheet measures 78in x 80in x 15in.

Their full sheet set also comes with a Queen or King size flat sheet. The Queen size flat sheet measures 92in x 102in and the King flat sheet measures 108in x 102in.

Mattress Size Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Pillow Cases
Twin n/a n/a n/a
Twin XL n/a n/a n/a
Full n/a n/a n/a
Queen 92" x 102" 60" x 80" x 15" 20" x 30"
King 108" x 102" 78" x 80" x 15" 20" x 30"
California King n/a n/a n/a
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Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

For those that are looking for a bedding alternative that promotes healthy, clear, and clean skin, Touché sheets are the ones for you.

Touché Sheets and Pillowcases Performance

Touché sheets and pillowcases are highly reviewed and loved and it’s not hard to see why. Eucalyptus is a great material to utilize and take advantage of. Especially during these times where brands and companies that care about their environmental impact are of the utmost importance.


The high-quality and sustainable fabric is extremely effective in improving your quality of sleep and leaves you with better, healthier skin. Since we spend so much time in bed, the quality and characteristic of our bedding material is extremely important.

Tencel fibers are much less absorbent than other materials such as cotton or polyester. This not only keeps your skin feeling hydrated and supple, it can also prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce the frizz in your hair, and help retain moisture.


Touché products not only help to promote better and healthier skin and hair, the soft feel helps to boost your quality of sleep as well.


The 100%vegan material is also hypoallergenic and is not treated with any toxic or harmful chemicals. This is perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skin. You can rest assured that the material is healthy for your skin.


Another reason why Touché sheets and pillowcases perform better than the typical mattress bedsheet is that it is 100% anti-bacterial. The vegan silk contains a rare protein which helps to naturally ward off dust mites and other bacterial substances.


Eucalyptus pulp is dissolved in a special process and spun to produce durable fibers that are woven to create a soft, yet long-lasting fabric the rivals traditional cotton sheets. The eucalyptus plant also has minimal lint, so the material is unlikely to pill and fray.

If taken care of properly, Touché products made from natural eucalyptus fabric should last you a long time.


Since eucalyptus sheets are hypoallergenic, they don’t trap bacteria and thus need less maintenance. This means fewer laundry days and longer life. That said, the cost is on the higher end for a eucalyptus sheet set starting at $289.95 for a set of queen bed sheets and increasing to $299.95 for a full set of king sheets.

This is approximately $90 – $100 more than Buffy’s eucalyptus sheets which is also a quality sheet set.


The cool-to-the-touch Vegan Silk is more breathable than cotton and softer than linen. Because of this breathability, they should appeal to hot sleepers – no more night sweats!

This naturally temperated regulation will keep your skin feeling cool and dry.


While the eucalyptus pillowcases and sheets can be machine washed, it is not recommended to use a dryer. To minimize shrinkage, the sheets and pillowcases should be line dried after washing.

Delivery, Warranty, and Returns

Touche Logo

Touché Sheets and Pillowcases

For those that are looking for a bedding alternative that promotes healthy, clear, and clean skin, Touché sheets are the ones for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

Eucalyptus is a sustainable and effective material to use for sheets and pillowcases. It takes 10x less water to manufacture eucalyptus into a fabric than other leading fabrics like cotton.The choice to use an environmentally friendly material such as eucalyptus is innovative and thoughtful.

The trees are grown in a closed-group system which is closely monitored to produce the minimal ecological footprint. They are harvested from sustainable farms that make sure that for every tree that is cut down, two more are planted to replace it.

Also, the water and solvents used to produce the fabric is carefully selected to make sure no harm is being done to the environment.

This is the easiest question to answer and the answer will keep your mind at ease. It takes zero harmful chemicals and only one chemical in general in the production of tencel. That chemical is amine oxide which is used for closed loop processing.

Even then it is still a non-toxic solvent that doesn’t need to be dumped to be disposed of. Other fabrics take many harmful chemicals to be able to be manufactured such as cotton which uses over 2,000 chemicals. The fact that tencel only requires one chemical which is non-toxic is quite astounding.

Either way, eucalyptus reigns king and queen when it comes to bed sheets and pillowcases. Everything about its production and sourcing is environmentally conscious and extremely well thought out.

Eucalyptus made fabrics are machine washable, but we are cautioned against drying them with a machine dryer.

Their instructions to wash their fabrics go as follows. Make sure to use a cold water setting at 30°C maximum with a gentle cycle or a high water level option if your machine happens to have this addition.

Don’t forget to wash your pillowcases separately due to the hooks and zippers as well as tough fabric like denim. Tough fabrics can cause pilling and excess abrasion.

Along with eucalyptus there has been another natural ingredient that’s been hot in the market for bed sheets and pillowcases. That material is none other than bamboo. It’s easy to think that since it came from a plant there can’t be anything bad about it. If you find yourself wondering what the difference between them is, allow us to help clear up the situation. Bamboo was touted as being a sustainable and wholly natural ingredient to use for your bed sheets and pillowcases. Sadly, this is not the case. Twelve chemicals are used to break down bamboo into a fiber leaving no trace of the bamboo plant at the end of the manufacturing process.Of course, these chemicals are then dumped with no other way to dispose of them. Because of the FTC, bamboo fabric products have to be labeled as Rayon. This fabric can’t withstand machine washing and drying and overall will fall apart. Now, next time you see someone offering fabric made out of bamboo, you’ll know that eucalyptus is the true environmental choice. The color of the sheets, a soft white, also reflects the eco-friendly aspects of the brand. You won’t get a variety of colors when it comes to Touché, but it’s because they would rather keep color dyes out of their manufacturing process.

They sleep differently. They feel differently. They look different. And they cost differently. But, the main difference is in the fabric.

Cotton is a natural fiber made from the cotton plant, while eucalyptus is plant-based, too, but it’s a collection of woody stems and leaves, and is technically a cellulose fiber.

It’s also hypoallergenic and more absorbent than cotton. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t confuse eucalyptus with bamboo, though. Bamboo is a grass, not wood, and it’s a protein, not cellulose.

Touché Company Information

Physical Stores

As of publishing, all stock (including sheet sets) are shipped directly from the Touché warehouse in Australia. They are not currently sold in any stores.

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