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The Belly Sleeper Pillow Reviewed

Belly Sleep Pillow Reviews
Belly Sleep fills an important gap in the sleeping accessories industry by solely focusing on stomach sleepers. They make belly sleeping pillows and pillowcases specially designed to give people who sleep in this position a thin, cool, and safe headrest.


  • Effective for cool sleepers
  • Has a thin frame
  • Safe for your face and hair
  • One size fits most bed sizes


  • The return policy is limited to one return per household per year and is initiated after 30 days of purchase


  • Thin 9.0
  • Breathable 8.0
  • Soft 9.0
  • Pressure relief 8.7
  • Cool 8.5
  • Eco-friendly 8.5

Stomach sleepers amount to approximately 7% of the population, making them the rarest type of sleepers. The other 93% find this sleeping position uncomfortable and claim to wake up with neck and back pain.

Also described as the prone sleeping position, stomach sleeping can alter the neutral location of the neck and spine. Subsequently, that puts pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles.

And that’s why you’re likely to wake up with numbness, pain, or a tingling feeling.

Nonetheless, sleeping on your stomach is one of the remedies for snoring. Plus, it helps to ease other conditions such as sleep apnea by keeping the throat muscles from contracting.

If you’re a belly sleeper, you’ve probably pushed your pillow out of the way in the middle of the night because your entire body gets uncomfortable and achy. But that’s because most pillows:

  • Are too high for you, therefore, making your neck stiff
  • Block your airway
  • Misalign your spine and neck
memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers or combination sleeper
Source: | The Belly Sleeper Pillow

Belly Sleep was founded by belly sleepers who understand the struggle of finding the perfect belly sleeping pillow

Their mission is to make sleeping on your stomach pain-free. As a result, they make ergonomically sensible belly sleeper pillows — that offer you the best head, neck, shoulder, and spine alignment.

Table of Contents

Who Are Belly Sleep Pillow Products Best for

Belly Sleep pillows are most suitable for:

  • Stomach sleepers who tend to sleep hot
  • People who have sensitivity and allergies

Belly Sleep has three excellent pillows made of memory foam and cooling gel. These two materials provide stomach sleepers with the best support and comfort.

Belly Sleep Pillow Lines

Belly Sleep has three lines of pillows:

And they have three pillowcases which we shall discuss further below.

Note: All three pillows are low-profile with a height of 2½ inches.

The Belly Sleeper Pillow

The Belly Sleeper Pillow is made of supportive and dense polyurethane foam that cradles your head without bottoming out. Its thinness keeps your airway from collapsing for you to breathe better without snoring.

best pillow for stomach sleepers: stomach sleeper pillows

The pillow’s shape effectively conforms to the shape of your head and supports the spine segment in your neck. Therefore, it reduces the build-up of pressure at the head, neck, and spine so that you can wake up without any body aches.

The memory foam also provides a naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial sleeping surface. Thus, you’re sure not to find any allergens, mold, fungus, or dust mites. Subsequently, this pillow won’t trigger any sensitivities or allergies while you sleep.

The Belly Sleeper Pillow With Cool Gel

The standard and dense memory foam traps your body heat causing you to sweat more.

Luckily, Belly Sleep uses an improved type of foam — polyurethane foam — and goes a step further by infusing it with temperature regulating cooling gel elements. These coolants are concentrated in the top layer of the pillow’s foam.

heat retention memory foam pillows product reviews

The cooling gel particles absorb your body’s heat to regulate the pillow’s temperature. Further, the pillowcases release the excess moisture from sweat to keep you even cooler.

Mini Belly Sleeper Pillow

Stomach sleeping is the least common sleep posture. For that reason, it’s rare to find pillows for stomach sleepers in hotel rooms or even at your friend’s house.

That’s why Belly Sleep designed the travel-size mini belly sleeper pillow.

Its make is similar to the belly sleeper pillow but the better news is that it’s also suitable for toddlers.

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mini belly sleeper memory foam pillow good for sleep apnea
Source: | The Mini Belly Sleeper Pillow

Belly Sleep Pillow Covers

Belly Sleeper pillows come with the following pillowcases that fit the size and shape of the pillows:

For effortless maintenance, all the pillowcases have a zipper for ease of removal when in need of a wash.

Note: Only the cotton pillowcase is available in two packs.

Belly Sleep Pillow Covers Construction and Specs

Type of pillowcase Construction materials
Bamboo pillow cover

40% Bamboo

60% Polyester

Cotton pillowcase

100% Cotton

150 thread count

Age delay pillow cover

100% Mulberry silk

19 Momme

600 Thread Count

The bamboo pillow cover is made with a mix of polyester and bamboo to improve its breathability. Bamboo is naturally odor-resistant and wicks off moisture.

Bamboo pillow cover with a zipper
Source: | Belly Sleeper Bamboo Cover

The cotton pillowcase is made with 100% Cotton. And because the cotton material allows sufficient air circulation, it doesn’t hold on to bad odor either.

The age delay pillow cover is a luxurious option. It’s made of 100% Mulberry silk making it perfect for your face and hair. Dermatologists recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase because it doesn’t strip the natural oils from your face and hair.

silk pillowcase for stomach sleep position
Source: | Belly Sleeper Age Delay Silk Pillowcase

So, you don’t wake up with dry and acne-prone skin or frizzy hair. This pillowcase is the fountain of youth!

What’s even better is that these pillow covers are hypoallergenic and they prevent the accumulation of moisture that can result in a bacterial breeding site. This is especially vital for belly sleepers because this sleeping posture puts their face directly on the pillow cover. 

Furthermore, the breathability of the pillow covers keeps you cool and dry. As a result, that eliminates the chances of allergies, acne, and other skin issues.

Belly Sleep Pillow Size Options and Price

Type of pillowcase Size Price
Bamboo pillow cover Matching with the type of pillow purchased $19.99
Cotton pillowcase Matching with the type of pillow purchased $34.99
Age delay pillow cover Matching with the type of pillow purchased $39.99

Belly Sleep Pillow Performance Reviews — What the Pillows Feel Like

Edge Support

All the pillows have curved edges to help reduce head and neck rotation.

best pillow for stomach sleepers heads’ support with curved edges
Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Thus, you get uniform pressure distribution because your head, neck, and backbone remain at a neutral alignment.

“I have neck problems and am a stomach sleeper. This is the best pillow I’ve ever owned. I had to go without it for a few weeks and experienced a significant increase in pain levels. Highly recommended.”– Becca 23

Soft but Firm

Belly Sleep pillows have a perfect balance of softness and firmness.

The pillow’s foam is soft enough to contour into your body shape while at the same time giving you the appropriate sinkage. It’s slim, but has the right level of firmness to support you without throwing off your spinal alignment.

Moreover, all the pillowcases feel smooth and soft on your face and hair.


Belly Sleep pillows have saturated their foam with cooling gel particles. Therefore, the pillows provide an optimal temperature sleeping surface to prevent sweating.

“I love this pillow. I’m a stomach sleeper and I’m always fighting to find the pillow that isn’t so thin that it doesn’t provide support, and also isn’t so thick that it hurts my neck. This came recommended by a friend and after sleeping on it for two weeks, it’s a keeper. The memory foam is great and it stays cool, which is good because I’ve never liked memory foam beds because they make me hot.”- Steve

Commonly Asked Questions

What Should I Consider Most When Choosing a Stomach Sleeping Pillow?

Everyone has unique needs. However, the pillow’s loft is probably the top essential factor for stomach sleepers.

It’s the height of the pillow and it determines the angle of your head and neck, hence, the quality of support you’ll receive.

In addition to pillow loft, you should also look out for:

  • The pillow size
  • Materials used to construct the pillow
  • The firmness of the pillow
  • Edge support

How Do I Clean My Belly Sleep Pillow?

Clean the removable and machine washable pillow cases every three weeks.

Tip: To eliminate excess dirt and debris in-between laundry days, throw it in the dryer once a week on low setting.

However, you should only spot clean a pillow to keep the memory foam intact. Dab the dirty spots with a wet rag and mild detergent then blow-dry it. But if you want to do a deep clean, gently vacuum the pillow at least once a week.

Where Can I Test the Pillow?

Belly Sleep pillows are not available in physical stores for testing. You can only buy the pillow online and take advantage of the 30 day trial period.

Belly Sleep Pillow Company Information

Delivery, Warranty, and Returns

Belly Sleep offers you free shipping on all orders within the US. You have a 30 night trial period, after which you can return the pillow if it doesn’t work right for you. And finally, they offer you a lifetime warranty!

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