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Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review
Leesa Sleep offers premium foam and hybrid mattresses at affordable prices. These mattresses have excellent pressure relief features, absorb motion, and are noiseless.


  • Free shipping in the US
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Excellent pressure relief


  • Longer off-gassing period
  • A break-in period of 30 days required


  • Durability 8.0
  • Motion Isolation 8.0
  • Off-gassing 7.0
  • Comfort 9.0
  • Cooling 8.0
  • Edge support 8.0
  • Noise 9.0

Leesa mattress entered the bed-in-a-box scene in 2015 with the flagship Leesa Original. Today, they’ve grown to offer even more high-quality American-made mattresses, bedding, and bases.

But what really sets Leesa apart is their social impact program. For every 10 mattresses sold, they donate a mattress to a bedless child in America. Their efforts have earned them B Corp certification.

Table of Contents

Leesa Mattress Lines

Leesa currently offers four models:

  • Original
  • Hybrid
  • Legend
  • Studio

The Original and Studio models are all-foam mattresses, while the Hybrid and Legend models combine both foam and pocketed coils in their structure.

All the models have a medium-firm feel and use premium foam.

Let’s dig deeper and help you choose the best mattress depending on your preferences, body weight, and sleeping position.

Leesa Original

Leesa Original mattress; available in West Elm and Pottery Barn stores
Source: | Leesa original Mattress

The Leesa Original is the brand’s signature model and best-selling mattress, known for its excellent pressure-relief features.

The comfort system comprises two layers of highly responsive, bouncy polyfoam, and pressure-relieving memory foam that cushions your body.

Beneath the comfort system is a 6-inch base foam layer that will ensure you don’t sink too deep into the mattress.

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Leesa Hybrid

Leesa Hybrid Mattress; available in Pottery Barn stores
Source: | Leesa hybrid Mattress

The Leesa Hybrid mattress comprises four layers of premium foam infused with cooling, responsive, pressure-relief features and a pocket-coil system for excellent support.

What’s more?

You get all this at an affordable price. While similar hybrid mattresses in the market like the Casper Nova Hybrid cost over $2,000 for the queen-size, the Leesa Hybrid costs $1,799.

Leesa Legend

Leesa Legend mattress
Source: | Leesa Legend mattress

The 12-inch luxury Leesa Legend model is an upgrade from the Leesa Hybrid.

While it sports the same breathable and cushioning premium foam layers as the Hybrid, it includes an extra layer of micro-pocket springs to give you unmatched pressure relief and support.

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll love that the cover is made from natural materials, including 100% organic cotton, merino wool, and polyester yarn sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

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Studio by Leesa

Studio mattress
source: | Studio by Leesa

The Studio by Leesa model is the newest and most affordable model on the block.

Like the all-foam signature Original, the Studio model also stands at 10” and features three layers of foam but with a twist — the two top layers are memory foam.

The memory foam layers give Studio more cushioning than the Original, while the high-density support polyfoam ensures it supports your weight.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly all-foam mattress that doesn’t cut on quality, the Studio is it.

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Leesa Mattress Firmness

Since mattress firmness is subjective, we engaged a team of in-house and external testers with different body types and sleeping positions to get more comprehensive results.

On a firmness scale of 1–10, the Leesa models fall on the medium-firm level of between 5–7.

Mattress Firmness
Original 5
Hybrid 6.5
Legend 6.5
Studio 6

Which Leesa Mattress is Right for You?​

Back sleepers need a firm mattress that can support their weight and keep their spine in alignment. The right mattress should offer body contouring for pressure relief.

All Leesa models are ideal for light and average-weight back sleepers. Heavy back sleepers may need a firmer mattress.

Side sleepers prefer a mattress that cushions the sharp pressure points around their hips and shoulders and supports their weight to ensure they don’t sink.

Therefore, the Leesa Legend is most suitable for side sleepers because of the extra cushioning from the micro-coil layer.

Stomach sleepers sleep better on a firm mattress that can hold their midsection weight and relieve pressure.

The medium firm Leesa models may be unsuitable for most stomach sleepers as they’ll sink in the mattresses and experience added pressure and spine misalignment.

Leesa Mattress Construction and Specs

Model Thickness Materials
Original 10”
  • Soft gray twill fabric mattress cover
  • 2” breathable and responsive high-density polyfoam
  • 2” layer of memory foam
  • 6 inches high-density support polyfoam
Hybrid 11”
  • Soft striped white and gray quilted cover
  • 1.5” hole-punched poly foam
  • 1.5” memory foam layer
  • 1” high-density polyfoam transition layer
  • 6” pocketed coils
  • 1” polyfoam base
Legend 12”
  • Soft moisture-wicking cover made from a blend of 100% organic cotton, merino wool, and fiber from recycled plastic bottles.
  • 1” hole-punched poly foam
  • 1” memory foam recovery layer
  • 1.5” micro-coils and stabilizing exclusive foam
  • 1” polyfoam transition layer.
  • 6” pocketed springs
  • 1” polyfoam base
Studio 10”
  • Breathable polyester-blend blue-striped cover
  • 1.5” contouring memory foam
  • 1.5” pressure-relieving transitional memory foam
  • 7” high-density support polyfoam

Leesa Mattresses Size Options and Price

Mattress Sizes Original Hybrid Legend Studio
Twin $799 $1099 $499
Twin XL $849 $1199 $1799 $549
Full $999 $1499 $2099 $599
Queen $1099 $1799 $2299 $699
King $1299 $1999 $2599 $899
Cal King $1299 $1999 $2599 $899

Leesa Mattress Performance

Motion Transfer

All-foam mattresses are excellent at absorbing motion, making the Leesa Original and Studio models perfect for light sleepers who sleep next to active partners.

The memory foam in the Leesa Hybrid and Legend mattresses will deaden movement to some extent.

Sleeping Hot

All-foam mattresses tend to trap heat because they closely conform to your body and reduce airflow. This makes the Original and Studio models unsuitable for hot sleepers.

If you sleep hot, you’ll love:

  • The Legend’s organic cotton cover’s moisture-wicking properties that draw heat away from your body.
  • The Legend and Hybrid’s hole-punched poly foam in the comfort system and pocketed springs in the support core to improve air circulation.

Edge Support

The Leesa Hybrid and Legend have solid edge support because the innerspring coils reinforce the mattresses’ perimeters.

This extra edge support gives the mattresses a larger sleeping area. It also allows you to sit on the bed’s edge without sinking back.

You may want to steer clear of the Original and Studio models as all-foam mattresses have poor edge support.


The Leesa models have some off-gassing when unboxed, caused by the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in synthetic foam.

However, the odor isn’t harmful to your health because Leesa uses high-quality CertiPUR-US® certified foam.

The smell may take up to a week to dissipate.

Leesa Company Policies

  • Shipping: Free shipping in the US within 3–10 business days.
  • Sleep Trial: 100-night sleep trial and free returns.
  • Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty.
  • Extras: White glove delivery and old mattress removal services at an extra fee.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do You Need a Box Spring With Leesa Mattresses?

No. Leesa recommends placing your mattress on a springless base such as a foundation or platform bed to prevent it from sagging.

Can I Flip the Leesa Mattresses?

No. The comfort layers should be on top.

Does Leesa Offer Financing?

Yes. Leesa offers financing through Affirm or PayPal Credit.

Leesa Company Information

  • BBB Rating

Leesa currently holds an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Physical Stores

Physical stores include their Leesa Dream Gallery in New York City and West Elm, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, and Sit’nSleep stores.

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